Why Work Is Interfering with Our Mental Wellness

These days we have been a lot more open with regards to mental health problems. However, we seldom talk about the way issues such as depression and stress impact our lives at work. In a survey, 28 % of respondents stated their psychological wellness struggles had impacted their capability to carry out their work.

Two out of three women stated that their company does not really support mental well being of their employees. Overall, the survey suggests that there are more women suffering from mental health in work and they are often struggling alone without seeking any support from any group. Young women who experience anxiety tend to spend or get cheap personal loans, goedkope persoonlijke lening to seek medical help.

Several factors are contributory to psychological health issues, however for several women work could be the problem. Quite simply, the way in which we work can be too much and overwhelming that we use all our energy into it, leaving nothing left to deal with stress and anxiety that it highly affects the way we cope up with it.

“We’re working more, we’re working harder, and the reserve of energy we need to deal with life stress is not there anymore,” Dr. Salcedo. Glamour Magazine

How do you look after yourself if things at your workplace feel overpowering? What else could you do if a colleague is having difficulties and affecting your job?

Why Work Is Interfering with Our Mental Wellness

The most apparent reason could be the outrageous quantity of work to do.

“What is expected of the average worker today would have been expected of three people 15 years ago. People feel like getting things done falls on them alone, and that’s very stressful.” Theresa Nguyen, Vice President Policy and Programs Mental Health America. Source: Glamour

Nonetheless, even if the piles and piles of work can lead to anguish and seclusion, mental health experts say that it’s actually the people they are dealing with that cause more stress than the work itself. Experts say that patients usually complain of work stress and soon after talking to patients, it is actually the interpersonal skills that cause more of the strain, the way they deal with toxic personalities in the workplace.

Support is Crucial to Cope Up with Mental Stress

Experts have always stressed that support is essential. But it seems that even with a workplace filled with 10 people, support is lacking in the workplace. Further survey says that out of 100 people, 40 people feel that there is at least one person in the workplace who cares for them as a colleague and as a person. People who isolate themselves at work are usually those who feel depression and anxiety at work.

Deal with your work anxiety – Talk about it

It is against the law for a company to discrimi­nate anyone who has mental health issues. The company cannot fire an employee, deny a promotion, or pressure an employee to take a leave because of a suspected mental health condition even if proven medically right. The law states that employees have the right to specific benefits like a modified working arrangement, remote working schedule, or a quick vacation used for treatment. Many companies and organizations having more than 250 staff and employees provide an employee support program, that provides free guidance and counseling.

Take some Time Off

It is always recommended for employees to take advantage of paid time off. This gives them time to recuperate from a stressful workplace. The work-life balance had always been mentioned in many articles and magazine, and it is not just worth mentioning but really worth doing. Have a break, go on a vacation, have fun, laugh, drink, and smile. When you’re back, you are better than the first day you started. Get an awesome happy healthy life and you can start now.