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The 110% loan – which bank?

A 110% mortgage is a loan that covers the amount of the property purchase and the costs related to the operation, it is for this reason that we use the term of loan 110%, that is to say – say 100% of the loan + the 10% of costs. Read more at sizegeneticsinformation.com

The 110% home loan meets a very specific financial need, that of borrowers without contributions. This funding simply makes it possible to materialize a project to buy a house, construction or real estate investment in second homes or rental with payment of costs. The amount is therefore increased by an additional 10% to allow the borrower to obtain satisfaction. Not all banks are inclined to offer a 110% loan, so it is often necessary to use comparators to find the best bank on the market.

Which bank offers loans to 110?


Difficult to answer with a clear answer since not all banks offer mortgage loans at 110%, only a handful specializing in real estate financing offers these solutions and allows borrowers to find their financing. In addition, each trade policy is different and constantly evolving, a bank that lends today at 110 may not do so tomorrow. The home loan comparator remains the best alternative to find your 110% home loan.

What costs are covered by loan 110?

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There are mainly administrative costs, which can be estimated at a maximum of 1% of the amount of the loan depending on the banks. Often, banking establishments offer a single rate for these fees, which can vary between 500 dollars and 1000 dollars depending on the bank. To this is added the possible brokerage fees, for those who go through a broker (see our file on how much a mortgage broker costs), they generally do not exceed 1% of the amount of the home loan. Then there are the warranty costs with either the notary fees for a mortgage, or the bond fees for a surety company. These full guarantee costs can represent up to 8% of the amount of the loan, there are the formalities fees and disbursement costs (notary’s remuneration, often random) and the duties and taxes which are fixed by a scale. national.

To recap, here is who the additional 10% of a 110 home loan is used for:

  • Application fees: 1%
  • Brokerage fees: 1%
  • Notary fees: 8%

How to simulate mortgage 110?

How to simulate mortgage 110?

The mortgage loan comparator remains the best alternative to find the best mortgage loan offer at 110%. Without input, it is possible to find a financing offer but it is not easy to find the right organization because some establishments are not known to the general public, so you have to use mortgage loan comparators like this one to obtain financing but also to compare offers and select the best rate. This 110% mortgage loan simulation is free and without obligation.


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