Health Benefits of Incense and Aromatherapy

Incense sticks plus their aromatic smoky fragrance such as the herbal incense Europe are identical with Asian divine and religious centers. However, since the health benefits of aromatherapy as well as essential oils seeming to be more extensively made use of worldwide, is it time to really reflect on the benefits of incense as well? Is the smoke from incense actually beneficial to your health?


Beyond the apparent religious practices or spiritual reasons that call their use, incense also has more specific purposes in numerous countries. For example, the burning of incense can aid in driving away bugs and tiny insects. Spiral incense or incense coils are commonly utilized in tropical nations where mosquitoes are a common dilemma. What’s fragrant to our noses is contradictory on bugs, therefore you can literally “smoke them out” by means of burning incense.

Furthermore, certain incense sticks can also be used as aromatherapy, providing the curative and pleasant advantages of the essential oil. Selecting the appropriate incense doesn’t only concern what’s agreeable to your senses, but also what is really suitable and good for you. This is so since a majority of these incense sticks are filled with essential oils or extracts from various herbs and floras which can yield some organic herbal remedies.


Sandalwood for Your Mind. The smell of sandalwood can be an excellent stress reliever and will instantaneously boost your spirits which calms your mind and relaxes you since it is an antianxiety agent that is effective. Sandalwood can perk up your focus and may even be good for your memory.

Frankincense for Battling Depression and Anxiety. Frankincense can be beneficial for individuals with signs of depression and anxiety since it is said to have anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects.

Cedar and Pine to Calm Your Senses. Incense is also believed to be great for chasing off evil. By tradition, cedar wood has been made use of in different cultures worldwide, from Tibetan culture and medicine to Cherokee Indian practices and tradition in America. It is thought to establish positive energy, keeping the bad at bay and boosting strength from within. In a more contemporary perspective, the odors of incense have a soothing effect and can aid to relieve anxiety, anger, agitation, and aggression. This specific essential oil or aroma also helps get rid of congestion linked to colds or bronchitis. One research in Japan observed that the scent of pine connected with a walk in the forest could release depression, lessen hostility or aggression, and bring relaxation.