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Home loan with only one permanent contract

Getting a home loan involves applying for financing from a bank. To be able to claim to fund, certain guarantees must be provided, including the presence of at least one permanent contract and regular income. Regardless of the type of union that unites the couple (cohabitation, PACS, marriage), the presence of a permanent contract is sufficient to apply for a mortgage and obtain a bank loan. Simply, this criterion is not the only one, other elements will be studied such as the debt ratio or the rest to live.

It is, therefore, necessary that the CDI contract is ideally no longer in the trial period and that income is regular. If the co-borrower is on a fixed-term contract, it is possible, depending on experience and the number of fixed-term contracts, that part of the income is taken into account, this is particularly the case of public service fixed-term contracts which can be assimilated to A permanent position. Note that if only one permanent contract is taken into account, the two spouses will be considered as borrowers and co-borrowers, they will, therefore, be liable for the debt (except for marriage contracts and PACS specifying the separation of property).


Couple home loan and with only one permanent contract: the study

Couple home loan and with only one permanent contract: the study

The home loan study will allow you to quickly know if financing is possible for the couple with a single permanent contract. Other income can be taken into accounts such as family allowances for households with children, alimony for blended families, or even the income of the co-borrower in certain cases. The study will then make it possible to define the debt ratio of the household, its capacity to borrow and the rest to live.

If the CDI is important, it is above all the capacity to borrow which will allow validating the real estate project, this capacity can, for example, be reduced with credits being reimbursed. The authorized debt ratio is 33%, beyond that the risk of over-indebtedness is too high. The bank will, therefore, ensure that it can finance the real estate project with the household’s debt capacity as well as the rest to live, which is the part available for living after the deduction of recurrent charges.


Simulate the mortgage with a single permanent contract

Simulate the mortgage with a single permanent contract

Each one having different incomes and a different situation, it is strongly advised to have recourse to a simulation of housing loan which makes it possible to verify in a few minutes if the mortgage can be set up, it is an important step to become an owner with a single salary. After validation of the form, several financing proposals will be proposed, which makes it possible to compare the rates and choose the best offer in force.


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