How dentist clean your teeth? – So you are set for your cleaning. You get comfortable in the seat, open your mouth wide and everything starts. Yes, they clean your teeth, but did you ever wonder what exactly they are doing in there? The majority of us expect the visit is as brief as possible so we can get out of there and on with our day, but for the hygienist who’s job it is to get you washed and outside the door, it is an entirely different story.

One of the first things they do when they get access to your mouth would be to investigate their subject of play if you will. They’re also searching for signs of gum swelling or discoloration and they will gauge the thickness of gingival pockets. If these are heavy and the gums are red then you might have gingivitis. They may also check how your bite aligns, how your teeth come together and look for signs of tooth grinding. The majority of these tests also include them assessing your jaw, your lips, tongue, and throat for any swelling or unusual findings.

Somewhere in one of the cleaning may be X-rays, based on how long it was since your last set was taken. These are painless and the threat is low.

It’s time for the cleaning. there is a scaler used which scratches the tartar and plaque from the teeth above and below. A hygienist can also use a vibrating device to shake off the plaque of their teeth and once they’re done, a pleasant cool flow of water can be applied to get it off the teeth and from your mouth. Scaling can take some time depending on the amount of plaque you’ve accumulated, which is where proper flossing and brushing at home make a difference.

Your teeth are polished using a fancy toothbrush and a slightly abrasive paste making the tooth surfaces smoother and more difficult for bacteria, and in turn, the plaque to stick to. Another spray of water makes your mouth refreshed once they are finished and you be permitted to swish and spit.

Remember: Unhealthy teeth can cause multiples disease and injury.