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Credit to Public Employees

While banks generally give loans, they can look back at them if they can get back the loan they give, that is one of the first criteria they look at. When civil servants go to the bank to take out loans, they already start one step ahead. When they apply to banks, they generally get positive results. Do I get fired from private sector employees? There is no such fear in public officials.

As Loan, when we get credit to the public personnel, we can provide the necessary service and information about this bank with what percentage, at what rate and with what interest rate.

What Should Be Considered When Taking Credit To Public Staff?

What Should Be Considered When Taking Credit To Public Staff?

First of all, let us provide some information about what issues they need to pay attention to when they take credit.

We need to determine the type of loan we need.

  • Personal finance credit

  • Car Loan
  • House loan

We must determine the amount we can pay monthly for the loan payment.


How much credit installments to be paid monthly is the most important criterion to be determined before taking general purpose loans. Banks in our country require that the total monthly loan payments do not exceed 50% of our monthly income, with some exceptions.

The rate accepted by major financial companies in the world is 40% of the monthly income. The reason for the determination of this rate is that the income excluding credit payments should be at a level to meet our basic needs. However, due to the high amount of unregistered income in our country, banks can sometimes stretch this rate.

Therefore, we advise you to use loans up to 40% of your monthly regular income, even if the banks give you high monthly payments. For example, a person with a monthly income of 2,000 USD should pay a maximum of 800 USD.

Correct adjustment of the Credit Term;

Here, the amount we will pay for general purpose loans and how many months we will pay an important role. Most Public Employees want to pay and close it immediately after receiving a loan. However, when adjusting the maturity of the loan, it is a very important rule to adjust the remainder of the salary to meet the basic needs without any problems.

Hiperaktif loan consultancy is always with you to create the most ideal payment plan for you.

Calculating the highest loan amount we can withdraw

Calculating the highest loan amount we can withdraw

You can calculate the loan amount you can get by multiplying the amount you can pay monthly for the loan amount and how many months you can pay. Or we can calculate and offer everything for you. However, taking more credit than we need is a very wrong behavior and brings an additional cost to our budget.

Let’s calculate all the expenses that may arise during the period you use credit for you

Calculating the costs that may arise during the loan period is the most difficult one among the calculations mentioned. To calculate the costs more easily, let’s divide them into predictable and unpredictable expenses. Unexpected costs cannot be calculated naturally, but we can allocate an additional budget for these situations.

Predictable holidays, marriage, education, etc. On the other hand, expenses should be taken into account while withdrawing the loan and we should calculate our monthly loan payments accordingly.

If we plan our monthly payments without calculating these kinds of expenses, we may cause the loan to be paid late or even turn into bad loans.

As it is understood from the aforementioned situations, a person who will use credit should set their own payment terms.


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