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How to avoid Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids – grow when the veins in the vicinity of the anus become irritated and swollen. Most cases of hemorrhoids aren’t serious enough to warrant medical care but they can be quite painful and uncomfortable until the flare-up subsides.

Straining – Excessive straining due to constipation is most likely the most frequent cause of hemorrhoids. Attempting to have a bowel movement, the veins in the rectum can become agitated and expand resulting in an epidemic of hemorrhoids. To avoid straining, only go to the toilet once the urge hits and don’t sit in the bathroom any more than necessary.

Obesity – excess weight may put extra strain on all areas of the body such as the back This excess weight can be a trigger for this condition to develop. Avoid this, you should try keeping your weight in a healthy range for your body size and type by exercising and eating healthy.

Low Fiber Diet – getting low fiber in your daily diet results in constipation, which contributes to strain. Straining associated with constipation is regarded as the principal causes of hemorrhoids. More fiber into your daily diet from fruits and vegetable or via fiber supplements can help bulk up your stools and maintain your digestive track flowing easily, lessening the possibility of a flare-up occurring.