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THOUGHT ABOUT OBESITY¬†– Obesity is an ailment caused by excessive storage of fat from your system. Obesity was defined as a burden over 20% above what is deemed normal according to standard age, stature, and weight or from the way of an intricate formula called the “Body Mass Index.

CAUSES OF OBESITY – Weight is essentially depending on the method that you control your intake of calories in food with the energy you used in regular pursuits. If you have more calories than you use, then you lose weight. The own body stores calories you never desire for energy too loss.

HEALTH AND SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS – Obesity is more than a cosmetic concern. The human body with its 30 billion to 40 billion fat cells may encourage a little excess fat. Fat is important for keeping electricity and insulating the body among other purposes. However, after a certain point, body fat can start to interfere with your health.